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Our Favorite Products

ambiotex® VitalShirt

Intelligent fitness wear that lets you perform at your peak. It provides real time data and analytics for your exercise. Know exactly how hard and how long to work out for maximum performance.

TRX Equipment

TRX has been revolutionizing fitness equipment for over 10 years. They continue to have superior customer service and great return policies. All products come with a 5 year warranties as well. Learn more about TRX today!

Go Guarded® Products

Go Guarded is a brand of self-defense products for active individuals. They are a convenient, comfortable, effective way to defend yourself if the unthinkable should happen when you are out running, hiking, or walking.


Tested by our trainers. We use these products every day.

Many of us find that thing we love to do, and we train it HARD.

Cycling, Rowing, Weightlifting, Endurance Running, Sprinting, Motocross… you name it! Once we find our active comfort zone, we are creatures of habit and we tend to quickly become familiar with any new stimulus in order to automate it as much as possible.

This is a biological adaptation to reduce stress on ourselves as an organism because if a stressor is repeated, we should be able to get better at dealing with it or ADAPTING to it.

This is the stress adaptation response. With sport, we actively introduce ourselves to a specific and repeated stressor (our training) in order to create the desired adaptation and get better at it.

Simple, right?

Not really, we know… but that’s the essence of it.

So then, the part that bears further consideration is how to bring BALANCE to the above described equation? Balance is essential to health and vitality, and that is no less true when we are talking about the muscular/autonomic nervous/cardio-respiratory systems of the body.

If you are training hard for a specific task (e.g. cycling, distance running, etc…) there can be things that get overlooked as we focus on our sport, and these overlooked training points can lead to musculoskeletal imbalances and injuries in time.

One of the things that effects that balance is the equipment we use. We need to use proper equipment in our training.

That's why we've curated a list of top of the line exercise equipment to bring to you so you can get exactly what you need to train the best you can.