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Vital Performance Gear is brand new.

We formed due to the necessity of introducing a new health & fitness technology to North America, and we have just launched!! – (September 2019)

ambiotex® technology is here.

  • Anaerobic threshold
  • VO2 Max
  • Heart Rate Zones
  • Stress Monitoring

No Lab needed. is the exclusive authorized distributor of ambiotex® technology to North America.

ambiotex® manufactures intelligent wearable technology in the field of stress management and sports performance with advanced data analytics that are scientifically validated and backed by the Fraunhofer Institute (Germany).

The definition of top-of-the-line.

We decided to build an entire brand around the same concepts that are expressed by offering a product as unique and useful as ambiotex®.

Here’s what that means:

We (a small team of real people) recognize that the Health and Fitness industries are full of “miracle” products, fad diets, and misleading advice… all in the name of getting more money from consumers. This leaves those consumers awash in confusing and often counter-intuitive advice, with millions of products being pushed at them that may or may not work and may or may not be of the premium quality they are advertised as being.

Vital Performance Gear stands for absolute value in the real world, though. We only sell products that we have checked out, and that can be used to create effective and healthy changes for our customers.

No gimmicks.

You can expect that our product offerings will always be of the highest quality, and actually recommended for use because we have advisory from international certifying organizations in the fitness industry that work with us to help curate our selections.

We hope to help you on the path to the performance that you seek, and as a consumer, we know you will see that the selections of products on this page are geared toward a focused goal of providing tools to help you do a few KEY things:

  • Increase performance
  • Increase health
  • Speed recovery

That’s it.

We have articles to give our real-world advice for training, health, and performance… and of course, we always stock the best gear to help you achieve any feat of physiology you may seek to perform.

We’re building all of that content out now, so be sure to check back often!

We’re always adding new products to our site as we learn and discover truly useful items for your health and performance, and we’re always adding helpful written content to cut back on the confusion that is common with new technology and complicated science around human biology and sport.

Vital Performance Gear – For Your Ultimate Performance

Meet our team

President and Founder

Chief Technical Officer – Business Strategist – Creative thinker – Web/app development

Nathan Harris

Creative Multimedia Producer – Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot- Creative thinker

Fitness Programming Quality Assurance – Fitness Industry Strategic Consultant – Business Advisor