ambiotex® completely replaces the need for traditional blood lactate testing, and includes HRV-based stress monitoring that prevents over-training and injuries from overuse.

Your personalized action plan for crushing your cardio-respiratory goals.

There are coaches, trainers, some doctors, and many resources that can tell you some heart-rate formulas to achieve your desired cardio-respiratory results.

If you have one of the above, feel free to ask them how they recommend that you train for your desired goals. 

The data provided by ambiotex® is second to none, and easily allows you to share it with your coach or trainer.

Wherever they are!

Alternatively, you can get free training plans based on desired adaptations for your cardio-respiratory system at places like Zwift®.

I took a screenshot of an example (below), but you can select plans that help raise your thresholds, like VO2 max specifically, or FTP/iAT specifically. Etc… and they can be filtered by activity, time available to exercise, and more. 

This one is for cycling.

There are other heart rate based plans for running, rowing, and many more things, in many different places.

The free plans list time and order that you need to spend in each respective heart rate zone during the workout.

Intensity is based on % of FTP (in this example).

(FTP) Functional Threshold Power = the power you can sustain at your anaerobic/lactate threshold (for about an hour, is the measurement qualifier).

That is also how your iAT is defined: "The intensity at which you should be able to sustain that pace no more than "about an hour".

For example: 90% FTP for 3 minutes would be that you get your heart rate to 90% of your tested individual anaerobic threshold and keep it there for three minutes. This is the first green interval you see. And so on…

Now, this is not exact at the upper levels in the chart example below… You can't likely get your heart rate to 150% of your iAT, but it would simply signal an all-out effort.

Get familiar with your data.

Creating a structured training plan around your desired result will get you there the fastest. As stated, there are many resources that you can find to help achieve this, but for all of them you are going to need some reference points.

YOUR metabolic DATA. 

Currently, Pro’s get this data from expensive and invasive laboratory testing, like performing Vo2 max and blood lactate tests to determine their individual anaerobic threshold and Vo2 max levels in relation to their personal heart-rate currently.


*Note – there are several other terms for the same thing: anaerobic threshold (AT), lactate threshold (LT), maximal lactate steady state (MLSS), and onset of blood lactate (OBLA).

I’ll use the term individual anaerobic threshold (iAT) for my explanation because I am talking to everyone, but individually.

Here’s how YOU can get your data:

ambiotex® VitalShirt

This is a new-to-market wearable technology that provides multiple functions relating to users' nervous system, and cardio-respiratory health and performance, including stress levels based on Heart Rate Variability.

Scientifically substantiated by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, and provides the above stated tests of individual anaerobic threshold (iAT), VO2 max, your personal metabolic heart-rate zones, and HRV-based Stress Tests that can tell you how capable your body is at handling physical and mental stress that day.

This allows you to avoid frustrating training plateaus, illnesses, and injuries due to overtraining.

These calculations are taken from ECG sensors that are integrated into a high-quality sports compression shirt and transmitted to a free app via Bluetooth.

This happens from the accompanying Tech-Unit that users buy in the initial purchase of a Starter Kit, which connects with magnetic buttons to the front of any VitalShirt.

You can purchase additional VitalShirts without the Tech-Unit.

You can use just one Tech-Unit across all your different VitalShirts, so that you can wash them, or swap styles!

Go forth, optimize, and excel!

By taking control of your data, and understanding how and when to push your body safely and effectively, you can know when to push, and when to recover, and remain in constant progression towards your goals.

And remember!

Vital Performance Gear wants you to get results!

1 We will provide multiple variations of training guidance that you can follow in order to systematically work different systems of your metabolism.

2 The guidance will be based on heart-rate, and centered on results you need to get from the ambiotex® performance and stress tests.

3 Also included in any Starter Kit purchase is a video-guided Dynamic warm-up, and YogaFlow Cool-down.

These together are our Vital Performance System.

Powered by ambiotex® technology.