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Intelligent fitness wear lets you perform at your peak.

Q: What makes ambiotex® different than what I have, though?

A: Because ambiotex® is a complete cardio-respiratory analysis

system that also includes subscription-free HRV monitoring.

It's an incredibly accurate heart rate monitor, but also so much more.

When compared to chest-strap monitors, fitness watches, and fitness monitors

of all kinds, ambiotex® is more accurate and provides a more comprehensive set

of more personalized data.

These points of information about your body allow you to identify specific target intensities/duration to

achieve in your exercise in order to gain specifically desired benefits.

You do this by STARTING with a plan that is based on your unique metabolism.

You KNOW then that you will get the responses in your body that you were looking for.

You can know your numbers to clearly define training goals,

and can get the most out of the time

that you apply to your health and fitness training.

No more guessing.

No more formulas.

It’s like having constant access to a professional sports laboratory.

You can always re-test your levels and know if you need to fine-tune your

training to ensure constant progression toward your goals.

Original and validated testing delivers medical-grade data about your body that is highly relevant to your ultimate goal. 

ULTIMATE GOAL = SAFELY increase your ability to sustain higher levels of exertion for longer.

So that you can decrease body fat, increase energy levels,

and simply be able to enjoy your life as a fitter,

healthier, and more capable version of yourself.

The features of ambiotex® are designed to work together… as a system… to personalize

your training and achieve the Ultimate Goal.

The Performance Test measures your metabolic activity during

a prescribed bout of exertion and determines your current personal levels for

Anaerobic Threshold, VO2 max, and Heart Rate Training Zones with accuracy equivalent

to medical laboratory testing.

The Stress Test provides an ECG analysis of your Heart Rate Variability.

This determines the stress that is in your nervous system and reveals

precisely how recovered you are, from 0 to 100.

You know exactly what levels YOU need to train at instead of relying on estimated heart rate zones from generic formulas.

And then every morning you see what level of training your body can handle that day and what the

trend of your recovery levels over time says about your training.

It reveals if you can increase your training load, or if you need to de-load in order to regenerate. 

By constantly checking in with your body, you can completely avoid plateaus, mood disturbances, and injuries from over/under training which put an immediate halt to your progress.

Having access to this information can be the difference that enables you to succeed in reaching your goals.

Cutting edge analytics without breaking a sweat.

Define your individualized training zones with highly accurate, medical grade metabolic analysis.

ambiotex® VitalShirt monitors key bio-metrics, and includes built-in proprietary testing putting YOUR precise data in YOUR hands whenever YOU want it:

Heart Rate Variability

Understand your heartbeat with big picture data that integrates beat-to-beat timing, breathing patterns, stress level and more. 

-Accuracy of 99%+ during motion

Performance Test
to watch!

Revolutionary technology determines your anaerobic threshold and VO2 max and lets you ditch the expensive, invasive lab and blood lactate tests forever. 

-Accuracy of +/-3 bpm compared to a blood lactate test

Stress Test
to see more!
(Coming SOON)

Understand the overall stress level on the body’s central nervous system and adjust your workouts (or daily routine) as needed.

Heart Rate Zones

Math formulas on paper are a thing of the past.

Everyone has a unique metabolism.

VitalShirt defines your personal HR zones and each of their precise boundaries.


Once you've tested with VitalShirt, the boundary between your zones 2 and 3 is your personal Maximum Aerobic Function heart rate.

No more guessing if you've got it right.

Test your own metabolism, anytime you want.

See how you've progressed

Re-adjust your training to eliminate plateaus.

Optimize your workout.

Real time data shows you when to surge, and when to rest.

Use intelligent insight, get results.

ambiotex® VitalShirt is next level fitness gear

for athletes and trainers…

But anyone who wants precision, and clarity of data

when trying to achieve a specific result from their body

will benefit from it as well.

It completely replaces the need for

a sports lab and blood lactate testing.

This levels the playing field and puts the results

that you want to achieve, finally within reach.

It will definitely take work, but now you will have the reference points of your specific data to use in your subsequent training.

Without giving blood, or paying more than once.

Retest anytime you want to make sure your heart rate target intensities are still on point.

If your zones and threshold have changed, and you adjust when they do, you continue to progress and avoid plateaus.

The clinical grade of the data from this device is good enough for professional sports training programs.

Anyone, including athletes, benefit from increased cardio-respiratory performance and proper recovery… and if you can see what's going on in your body you can make more informed decisions.

With ambiotex® athletes can understand their heartbeat, and outperform their personal bests (and likely their competitors).

Marathon Runners
Endurance Sports
Extreme Sports

You, faster.

Scientific studies showed that well-trained users planning their training structure using the bio-metric data that you get from the ambiotex® VitalShirt, outperformed comparison groups by .62 MPH after 6 weeks.

Leveraging clear insight into your body can give you a unique edge.

Try it out, risk free.

We offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee no matter what.

(Just in case you simply change your mind, or it wasn't what you expected.)

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Tyson Goff – (Owner –

* is the exclusive authorized North American sales representative of ambiotex®

Tyson's story.

Well, some of it.

Tyson Goff

7 years and 200 pounds difference.

But that's just the surface…

Humble Roots

Tyson was a happy and normal kid in a small town in Oregon, getting straight A's, co-captain of the football team, played a saxophone in the school band and a bass guitar on the weekend in another band.

Dark Times

That quickly changed with heavy drug addiction and reckless, negligent behavior resulting in 7 years of state prison.

Over a year of that was in solitary confinement, which, he describes with a unique tone, as being alone for a year must be weird…

Now… Tyson's on a path of light.

Darkness does that to some of us…

He's a personal trainer, lifestyle and nutrition consultant, and has specialized knowledge and experience in the mental/emotional/physical health/fitness/wellness area(s), where his entrepreneurial focus has been centered for over 2 years now.

He is a motivational and transformative health story personally.

His successful loss of around 200 pounds of unhealthy body weight and transcendence of severe health and behavioral problems inspires people to dig deep to reach their own potential. 

He has founded and led a unique new international fitness company to its current position as exclusive importer/distributor of ambiotex® technology into North America.

And he and his team are currently developing

innovative software that will automate full-scale personal training using ambiotex® wearable technology and has some pretty cool implications in both the Health & Fitness and Lifestyle Medicine industries.

If you want to learn more please send we have a short e-book that runs through more of his fascinating and inspirational story.

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