The Next Evolution in heart-rate science.

Blood lactate testing is a thing of the past.

For the price of about one trip to get your lactate threshold test, you can essentially just buy the lab, now.

Use it anytime you want from then on. No additional charges.

Plus, you get subscription free Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Stress monitoring.

This gives you constant clinical insight into the stress levels of your internal systems.

New to the States!

This is the first time ambiotex® has been available for retail sale in North America.

Check out the future!!

“It makes sense, now… It's like somebody turned the light on, and I can now SEE what I need to achieve during the time I am exercising on the machine I use… to train my heart correctly. Very COOL!“

Eric F. – 2019

"I use it to track how my stress levels feel while I am playing my intense computer games… I'm much more deadly and effective when I am low stress… this shirt is making me a better gamer."

Justin D. – 2019

This helps me keep training runs in the zone I am trying to be in. I always used to run a little faster than Zone 2… now I have that defined for me, and I know what I am achieving in my training.

Tyson G. – 2019

There's a free ambiotex® app.

Available for Android and iOS.

Medical Grade Accuracy.

The ambiotex® VitalShirt isn't a gadget, or a gimmick.

This is a portable, clinical-grade EKG that is packed with sports science analysis features (in the free app).

Performance Test

-Anaerobic Threshold

-Personal HeartRate Zones

Stress Test

HRV-based stress analysis with no subscription.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) –

Monitor and manage your stress levels live.

Personalized Data

-Determine your Heart-Rate Zones.

-Define Your MAF heart-rate with a test.

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